Heat exchangers for gas applications

Heat exchangers for gas applications

Clean energy and saving energy are essential these days. Therefore, the use of natural gas is increasing – in industry, for household consumption and for energy production. Many systems that formerly used electricity or coal have been converted to the use of gas.

Of course, although the use of gas is economical, special gas heat exchangers must be used in order to utilize the residual energy generated in the gas burning process.

One of the common applications is the conversion of this residual energy into hot water. For this purpose, the use of heat exchangers that can withstand high temperatures and corrosion is recommended. Burners are used in the process of heating air, and their residual energy can be utilized for heating water.

A special heat exchanger for hot gas and water must be able to withstand the high temperature of the gas and transfer this energy to the water in order to generate a maximal degree of heat in the water. Normally, such a system for producing hot water must bring the water to a temperature of over 60 degrees Celsius in order to prevent Legionnaires’ disease.

In order to plan and produce an effective heat exchanger for a hot gas and water application, one must take several parameters into account. The first would be the type of heat exchanger: a tube fin heat exchanger made of 316 stainless steel is recommended. A tube fin heat exchanger can efficiently transfer the energy from the gas to the water.

Secondly, a correctly planned heat exchanger would generate minimal pressure gradients on the gas side as well as the water side.

Thirdly, the structure of the stainless steel heat exchanger ensures it would withstand the necessary working conditions: high temperatures and a corrosive environment, particularly on the gas side.

It is possible to plan and produce a tube fin heat exchanger that would withstand a temperature of 1,200 degrees Celsius. Such a heat exchanger would be made of either Inconel, SMO or 310 stainless steel. When producing a heat exchanger resistant to such high temperatures, a high percentage of the residual energy generated in the process can be utilized.

We at Thermogym specialize in producing tube fin heat exchangers for gases at high temperatures and for corrosive environments.

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