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heat exchangers


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Fuel Cells and Gas Applications

heat exchangers for fuel cells and gas applications

heat exchangers

Fuel Cells and Gas Applications

heat exchangers for fuel cells and gas applications


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heat exchanger
Group 5

About us

At Thermogym, we design and manufacture high quality heat exchanges according to our customer’s needs. Our high standards have led us to design and manufacture heat exchangers for well-known companies around the world. With Thermogym, you will receive more than just a catalog. You will receive great design and service, guaranteeing that your product is exactly what you are looking for.

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We will perform all thermal calculations and technical/mechanical design for your heat exchanger.

Custom Made

At Thermogym, our goal is to create the exact product that matches each customer’s needs. We aim to make a cost-effective, perfect heat exchanger based on your specifications, regardless of the specific application.

Product Quality

Our products are ISO 9001 2015 certified and are manufactured according to ASME standards.

We take pride in our high quality manufacturing.  All manufacturing activity is performed in our facilities to assure the highest standard of quality control.

Our strict internal procedures include:

  • Quality control throughout the manufacturing process
  • 100% leak test
  • 100% cleaning and passivation process

We provide a lifetime warranty for laser applications as an indication of our trust in our quality control

Personal Approach

We believe business is conducted between people. We will make every necessary effort to meet with our customers, understand our customers’ needs, and provide the best cost-effective solution.

The Thermogym team travels around the world in order to meet face-to-face with each customer. We truly believe in the personal approach.

With Thermogym, you are not  just ordering another product. You will meet and work with a team whose main goal is to make sure you’re satisfied.


At Thermogym, we understand the growing competition in every market our customers are dealing with.

We will make every effort to provide you with a fair and competitive price quote. This includes both our catalog and our custom products.

Lead Time

We take pride in our short lead-time. This includes both the planning and manufacturing stages. We will deliver the final product to your doorstep as quickly as possible.

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