Tube fin Heat Exchangers

Tube fin Heat Exchangers

Why are tube fin heat exchangers made from 316 stainless steel necessary for deionized water applications?

What is deionized water?

Deionized water is water from which the ions have been removed by a controlled chemical process.

Why are the ions removed from the water?

When ions are removed from water, the water no longer conducts electricity. Therefore, in many systems where cooling needs to be done with water and there is a safety risk of electricity leaking into the water, deionized water is used.

Additionally, there are laser systems in which the laser beams go through mirrors made of pure silver. If there were ions in the water, the silver would become black (would rust).

Another reason is that deionized water does not produce magnetic disruptions, and there are processes that require avoiding magnetic disruptions.

What are the main applications that use deionized water?

  • The entire laser industry: medical, aesthetic, dental, cutting and welding
  • Medical imaging equipment
  • Cooling voltage converters that convert direct current to alternate current, particularly in solar fields and in wind turbine facilities

Why do applications that use deionized water require heat exchangers from stainless steel?

Deionized water becomes an unstable substance. Any natural substance tries to attain stability. Water without ions will try to attain stability by taking ions from any other substance it touches. Therefore, these applications require inert substances. In a tube fin heat exchanger that serves as a radiator, these tubes need to be made of stainless steel (at least 316). Using any other substance would permit the water to “steal” ions from that substance, and this would pollute the water and cause holes to be formed in the tubes.

We at Thermogym specialize in planning and producing tube fin heat exchangers from stainless steel. These are custom made for the customer for applications that require cooling with deionized water.

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